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Monday, March 15, 2010

Greetings from the Press Room

This week, 27 aspiring reporters will receive calls and letters inviting them to join the Grady College family this coming Fall semester as graduate students in journalism. I'll be making some of those calls myself, mostly to students who've expressed an interest in HMJ at UGA.

If you were in the HMJ program now, you'd be here: in the crowded press room at ACC10, the annual Scientific Sessions of the American College of Cardiology. You'd be rubbing shoulders with reporters who write in dozens of languages for newspapers, magazines, websites and more niche publications for doctors and business people than you can imagine.

You'd be trying to figure out which stories you want to tell from all those listed in a program as thick as the Athens phone book. Cardiologist Jonathan Murrow, who'll be teaching med students in the MCG-UGA Medical Partnership, gave us a list of hot stories (and a bootcamp on the heart and heart disease) just before Spring break. And now you can pick up tips over lunch from Steve Sternberg of USA Today, Larry Husten from or Ron Winslow of the Wall Street Journal.

It's a great gig. And anyone who says press rooms are dead has clearly not been to this one.

Major thanks to Amy Murphy and the fine media relations staff at ACC, who graciously invited us to particpate.

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