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Friday, May 6, 2011

Pizza and a movie

It was the classic Friday night date: pizza, movie and hilarity with friends.

Except that it happened at noon on a Wednesday, when The Med School Project thanked MCG-UGA Medical Partnership students, faculty and staff who have been interviewed (some several times) and who have allowed HMJ videographers to document study sessions, soccer games, community service activities and even lunch preparation in their homes.

The April 27 pizza date, organized by HMJ administrator Anettra Mapp with help from Toni Phelabaum, featured screenings of five new Med School Project videos and one collaboration and a video about Nuci’s Space produced jointly by HMJ’s Katie Smith and a team of medical students. Dr. Leslie Lee and Professor Patricia Thomas (that’s me) emceed the event.

The full set of 21 Med School Project videos are available at Warning: some provoke the unseemly laughter and teasing shown in the above photo shot by our friend Dot Paul from UGA Photography Services.

The videos document the new school’s first year, examining the challenges faced by students, explaining the teaching philosophy and integrated curriculum, and showing how the arrival of a new medical schools is already affecting local hospitals, clinics and neighborhoods.

These videos were reported, written and produced by 9 graduate students. Sonya Collins and Maegan Rudd were part of the fall semester team before graduating in December. Seven other students signed up for independent study and kept the project going for spring semester: Yanli Liu, Kirk McAlpin, Lori Pindar, Michael Posey, Kathleen Raven and Stephanie Schupska along with ace videographer and editor Katie Smith. Katie was the magic ingredient.

The pizza lunch introduced the new reporting team, Robyn Abree, Jessika Boedeker, Felicia Harris, Marcie McClellan, Laura Smith and Chelsea Toledo. They’ll take over the project in the fall, just as the second entering class of medical students arrives and renovations get underway at the former Navy Supply School.

The launch of the new medical campus is an amazing learning opportunity for Grady College grad students in health and medical journalism. Medical schools play some part in every major story that can be told about health, health policy, biomedical research or advances in clinical care.

The new campus has also sparked new collaborations with the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education, College of Public Health, College of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Theatre and Film Studies.

What is most astonishing is that we’re only one year into this adventure. So stay tuned.

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